Chiropractic care

Introduction to chiropractic care

What is it?

What chiropractic care is

How does it work?

How does chiropractic care work

Who is it for?

Who can benefit from chiropractic care

Your first visit

What to expect when you come to see us

Who is chiropractic care for?

Chiropractic care is for anyone:

  • with pain in their joints
  • wishing to improve their posture and flexibility
  • keen to improve their athletic performance
  • interested in maintaining their spine and improving general health

We treat:

  • Office workers
  • People who drive or lift for a living
  • Pregnant mothers and children
  • Sports enthusiasts
  • Senior citizens

You will be given a thorough examination before treatment and any condition not suitable for chiropractic care will be referred back to a medical doctor.