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Acute and Chronic Neck and Shoulder pain

The nerves from the neck pass up to the head and down to the shoulders, arms and hands. So inflammation in the neck joints that can irritate these nerves are strongly associated with:

  • Torticolis (neck spasms)
  • Pins and needles in the fingers
  • Arm pain
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain and stiffness

Causes can be:

  • Old injuries left unresolved
  • Chronic poor desk posture
  • Many hours driving
  • Loss of movement/flexibility

Some patients may be concerned about gentle spinal manipulation of the neck but should be reassured that published research shows that it is an extremely safe form of treatment with a lower risk to your health than taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory drug.

Case Study

Nicky came to the Clinic complaining she has rolled over in bed resulting in her neck muscles seizing and causing acute pain.

She had no previous history but when pressed reported discomfort around the neck and shoulders when at work.

Nicky commutes an hour a day and works 7-8 hours at her desk. She goes to the gym twice a week. Most of Nicky’s waking life is spent sitting – a sure cause of musculoskeletal problems.

The rolling over in bed was the trigger not the cause of Nicky’s symptoms. Her sedentary lifestyle was the cause.

Chiropractic treatment focused on treating poor movement in her neck to allow the joints to heal. Regular exercise and lifestyle advise was given to Nicky for lasting rehabilitation.